Avulux Partners With IDOC, Offering Competitive Advantage To Independent-Owner Optometrists


Avulux is proud to announce our official partnership with IDOC, a service-focused alliance committed to the success of all independent-owner optometrists.

As an official vendor partner of IDOC, all 3,000+ independent ODs in the IDOC member network will have access to Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses, the only clinically proven lenses that precisely filter light to help people living with migraine. Additionally, Avulux lenses are now available directly through Three Rivers Optical lab.

One of the key objectives of IDOC is to offer a full range of products and services designed to enable competitive advantage in optometry practice management, thereby helping eye care providers to attain long-term business growth. One of the most effective ways that optometry practices can drive continued growth and competitive advantage is to broaden their product offerings beyond basic vision care into the realm of general health and wellness. With nearly 48 million migraine sufferers in the United States, there is a massive market for products that address the unique needs of migraine sufferers. And given that 90% of people living with migraine experience light sensitivity during an attack, optometry can play a central role in directly impacting these patients.

“IDOC is proud to support our members with emerging lens innovations like Avulux,” says IDOC’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ilana Thombs Carlisle. “Having clinically validated products with demonstrable patient impact directly supports our mission of giving our members a sustainable competitive advantage in the market, enabled by positive patient outcomes and measurable practice growth.”

Avulux lenses incorporate a multi-band precision optical filter that works by filtering up to 97% of harmful blue, amber, red light while allowing in soothing green light. Additionally, the Avulux lens is the only lens that has been clinically proven for people living with migraine and light sensitivity. In a 2020 double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted by an independent clinical research organization, the Avulux lens achieved both clinical and statistical significance when compared to a clear placebo lens.

Avulux is proud to partner with IDOC and Three Rivers Optical to provide IDOC members with an independently-proven lens designed and formulated specifically to manage the impact of light on migraine sufferers.

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