Why Membership In The American Optometric Association Is Integral To The Avulux Mission

Avulux is a proud supporter of the American Optometric Association (AOA). Actively supporting ECPs to deliver the best care to patients living with migraine is central to everything we do, and directly supports the AOA’s mission to advocate for the profession and serve doctors of optometry in meeting the health and vision care needs of the public.

To this end, Avulux works directly with our valued partners at the AOA to ensure that all independent eye care providers across the United States have access to Avulux Migraine and Light Sensitivity Lenses to meet the needs of the almost 1 in 5 patients ODs see each day that currently suffer from migraine.

Elevating Patient Care Through Optometry Practice

One of the key objectives of the AOA is to advance single standard of quality of care. This includes broadening the perceived scope of optometry beyond eye and vision care into the realm of general health and well-being. As primary health care providers, doctors of optometry have extensive, ongoing training to examine, diagnose, treat and manage ocular disorders, diseases and injuries and systemic diseases that manifest in the eye.

As Secretary-Treasurer Jacquie M. Bowen, OD, puts it: “Almost everyone knows an optometrist is an eye doctor and that we treat vision problems with glasses and contact lenses. But almost every doctor of optometry has had to explain that we also are primary health care providers with abilities to diagnose and treat a plethora of conditions. Our members count on the AOA to message on a national level why everyone needs a lifelong relationship with a doctor of optometry, and as we advocate for access to our care, the clarity of that message becomes increasingly important. For our patients, as they gain a better understanding of the care we provide, they are more likely to seek us out and receive proper and efficient care.”

A Clinically Proven Option To Improve Patient Wellness

Avulux understands firsthand the importance that optometry plays in general health and wellness as 90% of people living with migraine experience light sensitivity during an attack. In fact, specific wavelengths of light have been shown to trigger migraine attacks and worsen migraine-related headache pain. Recent research has identified the specific pathways through which light causes pain; in short, showing that specific blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light can increase migraine headache pain, and green light can soothe it.

Up until 2019, options available to people with severe light sensitivity were scarce. Migraine and light sensitivity patients were left with non-evidence-based choices and with the burden of finding a light sensitivity management solution for themselves, with options that offered sub-optimal or inconsistent light filtration. Avulux lenses precisely filter harmful blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light while allowing a narrow band of beneficial, soothing green light through. A first for any optical lens, the Avulux precision optical filter proved its efficacy when compared to placebo in an independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study—the highest scientific standard, offering doctors of optometry with an independently-proven lens designed and formulated specifically to manage the impact of light.

Working together, Avulux and Avulux Authorized Providers contribute to advancing the AOA’s mission to grow the scope of our shared industry beyond eye and vision care into the realm of general health and well-being.

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