Why Prescribing Avulux Migraine Lenses is a Win-Win for Patients and Your Practice

There are many great reasons to prescribe Avulux Migraine and Light Sensitivity lenses through your practice – it’s a novel sub-specialty, it’s easy to implement, and it provides an opportunity to expand your service offerings. But best of all, it makes you a hero, because you can address the suffering experienced by patients living with migraine.

And, incorporating Avulux lenses is rewarding and a proven way to drive referrals.

Patients Rely On In-Person Professional Expertise When Purchasing Specialty Healthcare Products

Capture rate is a concern for the private optometric practice whenever patients have the option of purchasing eye care products online. As with contact lenses and frames, patients have more options than ever. Don’t let this discourage you. More patients purchase prescription Avulux lenses from their Optometrist’s office than online.

ECPs bring unique value that simply isn’t available through the web. When making an investment in their migraine toolkit, patients value face-to-face guidance from caring professionals who can help them to try out the lenses, choose a well-fitting, comfortable and stylish frame, and answer their questions along the way. You know your patient’s specific needs, and you can help them understand how Avulux lenses can get them back to the activities they love.

For those who don’t have an Avulux Authorized Provider nearby, buying online gives patients access to these clinically proven light sensitivity lenses.

Partnering With The Independent Optometrist Is Our Priority

As an ECP, you are an important part of the healthcare team for people who experience migraine attacks.

How can you differentiate your practice and support your patients who experience migraine and light sensitivity? We recommend designating a ‘migraine champion’ on your team, someone who can receive the patient from the ECP at the conclusion of the exam.

Educate each patient on the importance of a quality frame that fits properly, and the full service they receive from your optical experts, including adjustments and redo processing. Plus, when patients purchase their Avulux lenses from you, they don’t have to worry about shipping hassles and cost.

To reach patients with budget concerns, consider an in-house frame line to control costs, or assist patients with approval for a healthcare credit card. It’s also helpful to remind patients that Avulux lenses are qualified expenses for HSA and FSA plans.

Carrying Avulux in Your Practice Is A Way To Actively Support Patient Health

Carrying Avulux allows growing practices like yours to be a key resource for patients who suffer from migraine and light sensitivity, three in four of whom are women. Avulux is an evidence-based tool to help you reach this large demographic. Be part of the team of providers working with patients who live with migraine and light sensitivity. You’ll gain the loyalty of existing patients, grateful referrals, interested new patients, an opportunity to distinguish your practice – and maybe even the chance to be a hero.

Discover the Difference Avulux Can Make For Your Patients and Practice

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